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Learn · Code · Compete

Learn programming while playing with your friends in the devastated world of Azur.

Guide your hero to overcome the campaigns and missions of the game, thus becoming a legend of coding in real life.

Discover Coded Arena as an
Educational Platform
Estudiante Mochila Hogar
Intended for teachers, schools and even parents.
In short, for those who want to offer a practical education, thought for the 21st century.

What do we offer?

Tortuga Calificación Joystick
Teach coding individually and personalized. Anyone has the ability to teach programming. A motivational learning
At each one's pace You don't need to be an expert to teach programming. They learn while playing: programming will be a hobby for your students.

Professional programming, intended for the real world.

Lupa Código de programación Robot
Change of mentality. Real programming, like a true professional Profession of the future.
Students will go through being mere spectators of technology to understanding how it works. Other platforms use a “sweetened” (block) code system. From robotics to artificial intelligence; We are programming consumers without being fully aware; Any electronic device is previously programmed.

How do they learn?

Ficha de ajedrez caballo Circulo de flechas Flotador salvavidas
Programming will be a child's play. Learning by doing. Individual and adaptable learning.
The students will create the artificial intelligence of their hero in order to overcome the campaigns and missions of the game. They will have fun while learning (Learning through play) Not just coding: enhance their analysis & decision making. Adapted to the pace of each student, through missions and reinforcement exercises.

Your own virtual assistant

Brújula Decisión
Saves time and guides the teacher. 1 click to teach.
The assistant himself supervises and analyzes the work of each student. The wizard suggests individual and collective action plans.
Triciclo Manzana sobre unos libros
Constant evolution. Power the human factor.
The Assistant takes into account the student's trajectory and evolution course by course. A travel companion that accompanies students as they grow and mature. By automating the rest of the tasks of the subject, the teacher can dedicate himself to the most human part of teaching.