CodedArena Challenge:

International academic competition

Welcome to the 1st edition of the CodedArena Challenge! A competition featuring a series of Academic Challenges organized by CodedArena, to encourage learning programming among young students, always using real code and preparing them for the working world. We care about their future!

In addition, completing the challenges is linked to programming and learning. If your students do not know how to program in Python, no problem. They will be able to complete missions in CodedArena’s Adventure Mode to learn programming and successfully solve the academic challenges.

  Mathematics  ·  Geography  ·  Geology  ·  Biology  ·  Physics  ·  Spanish  ·
  Mathematics  ·  Geography  ·  Geology  ·  Biology  ·  Physics  ·  Spanish  ·
  Mathematics  ·  Geography  ·  Geology  ·  Biology  ·  Physics  ·  Spanish  ·
  Mathematics  ·  Geography  ·  Geology  ·  Biology  ·  Physics  ·  Spanish  ·

Synergy between subjects

Each Academic Challenge is related to a different area of curricular learning, and will help the students work as a team and make progress in those subjects. They will also have the chance to code in Python in a more dynamic and enjoyable way, thanks to the CodedArena videogame.

Academic challenge

The teams must be ready to claim victory by completing the first phase: The Academic Challenges. They will have to successfully solve as many of the 7 challenges as they can. A new challenge will appear every 2 weeks in the CodedArena blog. The first one will be revealed on Monday the 15th of February, and all challenges must be solved before Friday the 28th of May.

Attention! In order for the teams to have enough time to solve all the challenges, we suggest to the schools that they begin before the 1st of May.

Challenge tournament

The second phase begins! And, during it, teams must reach the best possible position in the Challenge Tournament. This is a tournament that will be held in CodedArena’s Multiplayer Mode. During this part of the competition, the participants will program their character’s code and they will be facing their rivals, climbing positions in the ranking with each victory

15 FEB - 28 MAY

Academic challenge

CodedArena Challenge’s first edition officially begins on Monday the 15th of February, when the first Academic Challenge will be revealed. The seventh and last academic challenge will be revealed on Monday the 10th of May. But, beware! We will stop accepting solved challenges on Friday the 28th of May at 23:50.

24 MAY - 29 MAY

Challenge tournament

The competition’s second phase starts on Monday the 24th of May, with the beginning of the Challenge Tournament. Teams will program their character’s code and they will fight for their ranking positions.


Final results

On Tuesday the 1st of June the winners and special mentions of the competition will be revealed, in both CodedArena’s web and blog. We will also contact the schools so that they receive the corresponding prizes.

Gold medal


First place
The team that reaches the top will be rewarded with a gamer pack for each of its members, made up of top quality products, among other prizes.
But the schools won’t be left behind! The winning school will receive a 50% discount on CodedArena licenses for all of their students in their first year.
Second and Third place
They will be awarded with merchandising from our videogame, among other promotional products.
And, for the corresponding schools, the second place will receive a 40% discount on CodedArena licenses for the first year, and the third place, a 30% discount.
They will receive a gift from the CodedArena team, as gratitude for their participation.
The participant school’s will be rewarded with a 20% discount on CodedArena licenses for all their students during the first year.
Any mentor of a team’s member that completes the first Campaign will be eligible to obtain a Python Educator diploma, in addition to rewards from CodedArena.
To receive the diploma, they will have to create an original Academic Challenge, with its solution, which will appear in future editions of the CodedArena Challenge.


Would you like to start this adventure with your students? Sign up with no commitment! We are eager to solve any of your questions, doubts and inquiries, in addition to giving you any information that you require, through this contact form or our email challenge@codedarena.com. We are waiting for you!

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